Upcoming Pop of Color Anannya Sammanna

Pop of Color Limited is a women focussed organization, where we strive to work for the betterment of our women of the society. Since 2014, the organization has been organizing various remarkable events and programs where the purpose of the importance of women empowerment is delivered.

Another such initiative is Pop of Color Anannya Sammanna, where the centre of attention are those women who have struggled in their life to reach a certain height of success.

Being deprived of resources and facilities, our successful women had to come across numerous challenges, and overcoming these challenges has proved to be their success stories.

The aim of Pop of Color Anannya Sammanna is extensive and widespread.

To honour the women who have climbed the ladder of success, with challenges and obstacles, overcoming them and making it an inspiring story to reach others is our priority. Their experience will serve as an inspiration and encourage our today’s female generation to look up to them and never give up on their dreams.

Many women have been afflicted with economic crises, but they never gave up on standing back on their feet and tried to extend their help to others associated with them.

To honor them, Pop of Color Anannya Sammanna is going to be organized to recognize them in ten different categories and take a step ahead on their way to success.



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