Upcoming Chefs Beyond Home-2024

Chefs Beyond Home is another exhilarating initiative by Pop of Color Limited to empower women. It is one of its kind, first ever most popular homemade food fair.

Pop of Color Limited wants women who have magical hands at cooking, to present their artistic quality of food in a festive way.

Our country is known for the best for their cuisine, and to take it to another level by our home chefs, we organize this platform. We believe every woman has their own unique quality and to distinguish them, we need a stage for them to present it. One such is our Chefs Beyond Home, where women who are mesmerizing everyone at their home, will have an opportunity to do the same in front of a large crowd. This will not only bring them forward to show their skill of cooking but get a hand on making a livelihood, to become independent.

Pop of Color Limited would like to be a mediator between their skills and promotion by giving them the right amount of exposure to the right audience.

During the tough times of pandemic, we have seen many households being affected financially. Women of those households with an upper hand in culinary art, have started to take up initiative to bring home made fresh food to serve the market or cater events. Pop of Color wants to appreciate and highlight the women who do not hold any professional degree in being a chef but are an inbuilt chef on their own. They present their food to the audience in their prescribed stall, and amazes the crowd, which in return becomes a boost for their small initiative.



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