Upcoming Come For A Blast 2024

Pop of Color Limited, an entity which is solely dedicated to empower women and make them independent since 2014 is continuously working to make every woman’s life better. A commencement to celebrate a day in which we make women aware of their rights as a female in the society and become conscious of implementing them. This can only be possible when we realize the importance of being self-sufficient, economically independent and become aware of our rights.

To have this approach achievable, we have this initiative, Come for a Blast!  It aims to bring Poshians together and make them aware about various topics such as importance of women’s mental health, awareness of the need for physical nutrition, accurate information about cybercrime and security and help victims, ensure career development, business growth, and strengthen networking. We work together with many renowned organizations, and mentors who serve this cause and help us attain our objectives. 



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