Our Services

In the pursuit of a woman’s financial autonomy, the need for comprehensive support is undeniable. POC Business Group distinguishes itself by delivering unparalleled quality and value-driven assistance, ensuring the most robust and competitively priced support across all essential dimensions for fostering economic self-sufficiency

What We Offer

POC Business Group empowers women through tailored services, offering skill development for job seekers and advanced courses for employed women at competitive rates. Our comprehensive support for women entrepreneurs includes business guidance, product sourcing, promotion, customer outreach, and efficient delivery. Committed to unwavering mentorship, we ensure a seamless journey toward enhanced professional positioning. Additionally, we are devoted to prioritizing the mental, sexual, and nutritional well-being of women with privacy and personalized support from professionals. Our core purpose is to foster holistic success, believing that true achievement is realized when individuals are well-rounded in mind, body, and nutrition.

Developing an Effective Business Strategy

We prioritize direct communication and tailored strategies for every brand. Focused on customer satisfaction, our meticulous plans cater to unique business needs, ensuring precise execution and optimal success

Marketing & Branding

We align with customer needs, crafting tailored business plans and comprehensive marketing strategies spanning ATL, BTL, and TTL methods. Our innovative approach ensures impactful execution across diverse sectors

Digital Content

In today's landscape, social media offers the most direct and cost-effective consumer connection. We emphasize premium digital content—videos, photography, ads, and more—to ensure impactful audience engagement

License & Legislation

We offer full legal support for businesses—trade licenses, VAT reg, company formation—providing all necessary documents for a smooth government legalization process. From start to finish, we ensure seamless paper-ready solutions

Software & IT

We excel in website development, catering to businesses of all sizes. Our services span e-commerce solutions, ERP, mobile app dev, domain reg, VPS, cloud hosting, email, and cybersecurity, ensuring holistic digital solutions

Mentoring & Funding

We empower financially disadvantaged women with business loans and guidance. Through training sessions, we aid in audience targeting and business success

Financial Management

Expert financial strategies: budgeting, forecasting, cost reduction, VAT, tax, audit, accounting services at competitive prices, offering comprehensive business support.

Skill Development

We offer skill development services, enhancing expertise and capabilities through tailored training programs and hands-on learning experiences, fostering professional growth and success

Mental Wellbeing

We prioritize mental well-being, offering supportive services and resources that foster balanced, thriving lifestyles, nurturing individuals' mental health for sustained wellness and vitality

Why Choose Us

We are the trusted business expert have the 10 years experience

Direct Consumer Engagement:

Establishing a direct connection with consumers to build a genuine brand bridge.

Real-time feedback and preference understanding to enhance consumer experience.

Competitive Pricing:

Offering the most competitive rates in the market for unparalleled value.

Ensuring customers receive the best cost-effective solutions.

Customized Business Analysis:

Conducting in-depth business analysis for each client to tailor unique and effective plans.

Expert team execution to transform analysis into actionable strategies.

Ongoing Relationship Management:

Sustaining strong post-project relationships with clients.

Providing continuous guidance and support based on client feedback for evolving business needs.

This approach guarantees not only the best service during the project but also ongoing assistance and customization for future endeavors.