POC Empowering through Mentorship & Funding

Efficiency is key to achieving success. Whether it’s navigating uncertainty in a new field or lacking essential business skills, we offer solutions. From facilitating business loans to fostering skill development, we pave the path for personal growth.

Financial Empowerment Network

Catering to small businesses needing financial support, our network with multiple banks secures low-interest loans. Explore our ‘License & Legislation’ service, accessible to all, regardless of documentation

Expert Affordable Training

Affordable training by expert trainers on Facebook page management, business administration, self-confidence, product photography, and basic designs (logo, business card, cover page

Business Recognition Guide

How to build business recognition, establish a strong presence, and drive marketing strategies we provide guidelines on these aspects

Empowering Women Economically

Through our Colorful Joy Project, we collect funds and economically empower low-income and disabled women

Proven Service Expertise

We provide professional support in obtaining essential legal documents for our clients. However, due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to showcase these documents on our website

We collaborate with Creative IT to offer training programs for women across different sectors for their IT skill development.

We collaborate with Brac Bank to offer training programs for women across different sectors for their financial skill development.

It is our another initiative aims to aid and empower underprivileged women across Bangladesh