Pop of Color Stands Strong in Women's Support.

"It's our duty to support women, and we welcome any platform working for them. Pop of Color stands with women, organizing impactful events and fostering connections. Through this community, our support and unity will propel women forward. Kudos to Pop of Color!"

Rubana Huq
Vice-chancellor of Asian University for Women.
Success to Pop of Color's Creativity

''Poshian Conference 2019, I think it’s going to be a great event. I wish them all the success. I know that behind this Pop Of Color, behind this event there're a lot of young people with their creativity and commitment, I wish them all the best.  ''

Rupali Chowdhury
Managing Director, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited.
Pop of Color Advocates Empowerment.

"Pop of Color has reached a stage where they stand on solid ground, advocating for girls in critical areas such as cybercrime, mental health, women empowerment, and nutritional well-being. Recognizing the significance of these issues for girls, I hope they continue achieving greater milestones day by day."

Sara Zaker
Co Chairperson at Asiatic 3sixty group of companies.
Pop of Color: Pioneering Girls' Success.

As far as I know, Pop of Color stands out as a pioneer among all girls' groups in Bangladesh. I applaud Tinker, who has become an institution herself.  She has created a platform for many girls in Bangladesh. Every year, we are delighted to come together. I wish Pop of Color continued success and improvement."

Surayya Siddiqua
Director of Sales Marketing, Grameen Danone Foods.
A Success Celebration by Pop of Color.

I’m really excited about the Poshian Conference 2019. I want to congratulate Tinker and her Pop of Color’s team for holding this conference. They working very hard to make it a great success.

Zara Mahbub
Chief Executive Officer, Dun & Bradstreet Data & Analytic PVT. LTD.
Pop of Color Empowers Women Independently and Diversely.

Pop of Color has been an inspiration to many women, enabling and empowering them to make a living independently with their own income. This initiative focuses on mental and physical health, creating diverse avenues for earning and providing substantial encouragement. I appreciate this impactful topic—keep up the good work!"

Nashid Kamal
Singer, writer and professor of Demography.

Experience Empowerment, Elevate Your Business.

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