About Us

Welcome to Pop of Color Limited, a pioneering women’s organization dedicated to building a supportive community where women from diverse backgrounds unite for collective economic and social growth. As one of the inaugural registered women’s organizations in Bangladesh (Registration No. c-148688/2018, established on December 8, 2014), we take pride in our commitment to empowering women through unity and collaboration. Explore the difference of being part of Pop of Color Limited—a vibrant company fostering women’s empowerment, growth, and solidarity.

Who We Are

Your trusted platform for growing your business and empowering yourself.

We Pop of Color Ltd. working towards women empowerment, enhancing female life. Pop of Color has been working tirelessly for the betterment of the women of our nation by uplifting their confidence in themselves and helping them to realize and utilize their potential to the optimum level.

Our Mission

We are committed to educating women on mental health, Sexual health, physical wellbeing, and nutritional needs, offering assistance to cybercrime victims, enhancing the skill levels of women to enable them to live an independent life.

Our Vision

To be the far-reaching women empowerment organization in the nation, where women from every walk of life get assistance to enhance their capability, make themselves self-reliant, help them overcome societal and worldly challenges.

“Established on December 8, 2014, “Pop of Color” is dedicated to the financial empowerment of women through a strategic blend of awareness, growth, and goal attainment. Evolving into a globally recognized community, we curate a positive and diverse environment, actively supporting entrepreneurship, fostering authentic collaborations, and championing impactful social awareness initiatives. Our commitment extends to prioritizing comprehensive well-being by educating women on the significance of their sexual, mental, and nutritional health. To enhance the experience for our esteemed members and supporters, we offer exclusive deals and discounts, aiming to make each individual feel truly special and valued.

Tinker Jannat Meem
Managing Director

Our Core Objective

Pop of Color Ltd has been unwavering in its commitment to empower women across our nation, instilling confidence and enabling them to recognize and harness their fullest potential. Our overarching objective is to foster holistic development among women, encompassing economic, social, physical, and mental dimensions. 

Women Empowerment Through Community Support

Pop of Color Ltd. strives in empowering women on various platforms to create a sense of purpose for them, so that they feel appreciated and valued. Our platform assists women job seekers to get in touch with sources that can assist them or hire them, assists them with their small business, and provides aid for training support to build their career. 

Mental & Reproductive Health Awareness Campaign

POC Business Group. introduces Pop of Secrets, an exclusive platform dedicated to the mental well-being of women while prioritizing privacy. As a sister concern of POC Business Group, Pop of Secrets is designed to offer a confidential space for women to express their inner thoughts and receive professional support for their well-being. Committed to this crucial cause, PoC endeavors to raise awareness and advocate for informed choices regarding women’s reproductive well-being.



Nutrition And Self-Care Awareness Campaign

One of the primary aims of PoC’s nutrition and self-care awareness campaign is to guarantee that women receive proper nutrition. This ensures that not only they but also their children and families are better equipped to meet their needs. Children born to well-nourished mothers are more likely to have healthy birth weights and a reduced risk of experiencing malnutrition later in life.

Award Giving For Inspiring Women

Pop of Color Ltd organizes impactful award ceremonies to honor and recognize women for their tireless efforts and extraordinary success. Our goal is to empower every woman to recognize her intrinsic value, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and receive well-deserved credit for their achievements. We firmly believe that fostering inspiration is a key driver for personal growth and success in life.


Brand Promotion And Awareness Creation

At Pop of Color Ltd, we unlock the inherent value of our clients and harness the potency of social media for dynamic digital marketing strategies. Our method involves amplifying brand visibility through customized services such as strategic promotional packages, interactive contests, irresistible discounts, and impactful sponsorships. Through these initiatives, we enable brands to seamlessly integrate with our diverse platform, ensuring heightened recognition and engagement.

Cyber Security Awareness And Support For Justice

We are committed to ensuring the safety and justice of women through legal means. To achieve this, we have established a collaborative partnership with the field of cybersecurity. Over our ten-year journey, we have provided support to 5050 victimized women and girls, using cybersecurity as a valuable tool to help them seek the justice they deserve.

Charity Events

“Rongin Khushi Charai” by Pop of Color Ltd reflects our exceptional humanitarian and social responsibility efforts. Dedicated to uplifting marginalized women and children, our goal is to empower them for lives filled with fulfillment and happiness. Since our establishment in 2016, we’ve made a meaningful impact on numerous vulnerable lives, extending a helping hand to create positive change.


Career Development

Pop of Color Ltd, in collaboration with the Pop of Hope Foundation, initiates an exclusive program. We offer tailored training, grooming, and skill enhancement programs designed for aspiring women. Our focus on skill development not only propels career advancement but also empowers women in the business sector, instilling confidence in their pursuits.


We Pop of Color Ltd aims to bring women from all walks of life together. To fulfill their purpose, we organized many events and get-togethers all year round to introduce them with members within the Pop of Color Community. And also, we create personal branding networks to grow themselves, their business and also to escalate their career opportunities through our company. 

About Founder

Meet Tinker Jannat Meem, the visionary behind Pop of Color Ltd. From shaping an online community in 2014 to establishing it as a company, her mission focuses on empowering women. With a robust support system, honest reviews, and diverse initiatives, she champions women’s entrepreneurship, community support, and social awareness. Her impact extends beyond entrepreneurship. Tinker’s initiatives foster a supportive community, offer genuine reviews, and champion women’s causes. She aids female entrepreneurs through ‘Pop of Hope,’ providing training and branding support.

Tinker’s illustrious journey includes charitable endeavors with ‘Rongin Khushi Chorai,’ aiding underprivileged individuals, and organizing pioneering events like ‘Chefs Beyond Home’ and ‘Rongin Boishakh.’ Her dedication earned accolades, including ‘Woman Entrepreneur 2019 Speaker Award,’ ‘Dream Weaver Award,’ ‘Real Hero Award,’ and more.

With an educational background from Govt. Coronation Girls High School, Govt. Pioneer Mohila College (Khulna), and Chittagong Independent University, she embarked on a career in brand promotion. Her journey led to the founding of Pop of Color Ltd. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to women’s empowerment and community development, her tireless efforts have included collaborations with multinational companies such as Reckitt BenckiserAudi, Unilever, and others.

Her efforts extend to charitable causes and supporting female entrepreneurs through ‘Pop of Hope.’ Tinker’s journey is marked by numerous accolades recognizing her as a trailblazer and influencer in various spheres

Awards and Recognitions:

    • Woman Entrepreneur 2019 Speaker Award: Recognized for entrepreneurship and public speaking.

    • Shikha Winner Award from Omen E-Commerce: Outstanding achievement in e-commerce.

    • Youth Skills Summit 2020 Speaker Award: Distinguished speaker at the Daily Star’s summit.

    • Dream Weaver Award: Honored for exceptional hard work.

    • Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 Awardee: Standout entrepreneur at WEBD.

    • Youth Forum-2021 Award: Recognized for contributions to the youth community.

    • Role Model Acknowledgment from Senora: Acknowledged as a positive role model.

    • Real Hero Award 2021: Best Influencer by Tholay.com.

    • Real Hero Award 2022: Recognized as Group Admin.

    • Ribana Business Summit 2022 Award: Notable achievements in business.

    • Media Outreach Partner Award from Shunno: Valued partner recognized by Shunno.


Our Poctivist

Pop of Color’s steadfast partners empower Bangladeshi women through education, financial support, and legal assistance. These advocates for change embody empowerment, catalyzing positive societal impact.