Upcoming Sorbojaya 2024

Pop of Color Limited is a dedicated female community where the aim is to take every woman’s life to a better and successful position. The tireless effort and contribution by the group and its members have helped it to reach milestones.

To make this bonding stronger, Pop of Color Limited organizes Sorbojaya every year.

Sorbojaya is the name given to the celebration of the International Women’s Day every year in the month of March.

By celebrating this remarkable day on the calendar, we try to make our women aware about their rights and have them realize their potential and how to make optimum use of it.

This can only be achieved when a woman is independent financially and emotionally in a conservative society, breaking all the barriers to success.

To create social awareness about various issues related to women, Pop of Color Limited has been celebrating International Women’s Day in a gala way for the past few years and through various promotional activities.


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